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I love the Jasper Swag Bag Mini dog treat bag. It is such a great size. In my opinion it is perfect for an evening walk when you are leaving from your house to walk through the neighbourhood. Throw in your keys, a few treats, your phone and any other immediate essentials you need for an hour and away you go.

You can choose how you want to wear it - across your body or around your waist. The bag is easy to adjust to your style and comfort. The dog treat bag is lightweight and when I wear it, I hardly know I have it on regardless of how fully I have stuffed it.

I wore the Jasper Swag Bag Mini recently when Jasper and I did some training. Generally I am not a fan of things around my waist but I have to say this dog treat bag was pretty comfortable. I pretty much forgot I was wearing it. It didn't rub or chafe or shift, just stayed put. It held what I needed. I often use a ball for reward and the ball easily fit inside the bag along with the treats so I could keep it out of Jasper's sight. It was nice to have a ready supply of treats and my pockets were clean. No cleaning of my pockets required!

Jasper Swag Bag Mini Dog Treat Bag
Jasper Swag Bag Mini Dog Treat Bag
Jasper Swag Bag Mini Dog Treat Bag

If Jasper and I were to take up agility or scent training or any other dog focused event where I really needed my hands free, I would love to wear the Jasper Swag Bag Mini. It holds what I need. I am able to focus on what I need to do with Jasper without worrying about running out of treats or being able to respond fast enough. 

I have used the Jasper Swag Bag Mini for full walks where I had to carry my wallet, keys, phone, ball, ball launcher, and treats. It worked great. I was able to fit everything in the main compartment as well as a bag of poop. I have looped a black hair elastic to one of the D-rings so that I can even hook the ball launcher onto the bag. When I say hands free, I really mean hands free.

Having a place to store dog waste bags is a nice bonus. I actually use the dog waste bag storage pocket to hold my keys and kleenex. It is quite handy. I store my phone in the front pocket and have not had an issue getting it out fast enough to answer the phone when it rings. 

It is a compact bag that offers a lot of functionality. It is a bit small to carry a water bottle although you could put a smaller bottle into the main compartment if you wanted. It would definitely fit. If I did that, I would put my treats into a plastic bag so everything wasn't getting wet and yucky. I am looking forward to wearing it while jogging. I am hoping it will be comfortable around my waist while running. 

Truly, I think the waist strap may end up being a little short for some people. The great thing is you can slide a belt through the straps on the bag and use that instead. Or, hook onto any waistband with the belt clip. I'm thinking you might be able to use your leash as a waist belt. Going to have to give that a try at some point. 

Overall, it is a very affordable dog treat bag. I have paid almost as much for a small dog treat pouch that is nowhere near as useful or functional. I am really excited to have discovered this dog bag and am looking forward to using it during our training sessions. 

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Meritt Schoening
Meritt Schoening

June 05, 2016

I just got my new Jasper Swag Bag mini the other day and it has made walking Buddy so much easier! I now have a place to put my key, cell phone, treats and poo bags. I like that there are several ways to wear it too. It was very hot the other day and I was able to put a bottle of water in the main compartment and didn’t have to carry it while managing Buddy whenever he tries to chase squirrels! Today it started to rain during our walk but I didn’t worry about my cell phone getting wet since I knew it was protected in the bag. Can’t wait to take it to the dog park next! Great bag!

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