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We love when our customers innovate. Check out what Thor's family came up with: using the Jasper Swag Bag Mini dog treat bag as a water bowl. The funny thing is they just thought it was supposed to be used that way.

Well, why not? The nylon is as good at keeping water in as out. Truly, the bag is not designed to hold water for any long period of time but it sure would do the trick if you're out and about and need to give your dog a drink.

The Jasper Swag Bag Mini will easily hold 500 mL water or more. Don't let the size of Thor's head fool you, this small bag packs a big punch. It just looks teeny next to beautiful, big Thor. 

The Jasper Swag Bag Mini dog treat bag is in stock and ready to ship. You can pick one up today.

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