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Jasper, the Golden Doodle, and his dog mom, Tricia, love to spend time together adventuring outdoors. Tricia loves capturing Jasper’s joy and excitement in photos which she shares on Instagram @jasper_goldendoodle. Tricia really dislikes having stuff in her pockets or wearing a jacket even when it's warm just so she can carry everything she needs while walking Jasper. She wants to have her hands free to take photos of Jasper, to throw the ball for Jasper and to just be able to enjoy her walk.

Tricia spent time searching for a bag she could use but could not find anything that fit just right. She turned to Jasper’s Instagram family to learn what they were using while walking their dogs. What became abundantly clear was the need for a bag designed specifically for walking the dog. The Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bags are born.

Tricia set out to design the Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag using feedback from her Instagram family. She incorporated as many suggested features into the bags as possible. As a result, Tricia ended up with three different dog walking bags. Each one has similar features but is unique it in its own way.

Each of the Jasper Swag Bags can be worn as a cross body bag or around the waist as a fanny pack; they are just the right size to hold just what you need while out on a jaunt; they look great and go from trail to town without hassle; and they are gender neutral and can be worn by anyone.

Tricia is extremely pleased with her dog walking bags. She loves having just the right bag for her adventures with Jasper and wants to share her love for the Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bags. She would love for everyone to experience the same sense of gratification she does while out walking Jasper.

So, get outside. Get outside and play with your dog. Get outside and play with your dog with a Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag!

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