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The Story of Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bags

Where We Came From

It All Started with Me, Jasper the Golden Doodle

I came to live with my humans and did a great job of completely disrupting their lives. When I was a youngster, I was eager to get started on my day really early, I was a fur ball of energy and too smart for my own good.

While I was busy using my human as my personal chew toy, she kept busy sharing my antics on Instagram (@jasper_goldendoodle). It turns out there were a lot of Doodes like me on Instagram that were a tad devilish and misbehaving. My human had fun swapping stories and was surprised to find how significant her relationship with my Instagram friends became. As all of us Doodes did our things, our humans bonded and coined themselves #WeAreIGFamily.

Then There Was Instagram

When my human decided she wanted to start a new business, I suggested she make dog treats, really yummy treats. Instead, she went to our Instagram family and asked them what product was missing from the pet industry. What could they not buy or easily access?

Well guess what? It turns out that all the humans were wishing they had a way to carry their gear while they walked us. Who knew? My human went to work consulting and designing along with the other humans to come up with a bag to carry gear while walking us dogs. In my opinion, it’s the greatest invention ever - ready treat access, my ball has its own pocket and I get water on demand. Yup I like these dog bags.

The business was named after me because well, who else? I’m the star of the show.

jasper swag gives back

Did you know Jasper Swag regularly donates to pet charities to help them raise funds? We believe in supporting our community. Here are some of the organizations we have helped out: 

K9 Fun Zone in Caledonia, a DockDogs and Dueling Dogs Sanctioned Facility.
National Service Dogs (NSD) Canada
Fetching Tails Foundation
Paws for a Cause, BC SPCA
Simon & Halle's Pet Boutique, Ruff Attire & Local Animal Rescue
Evangeline Kennel Club