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The latest and greatest On the Fly bag is now available. We have kept what worked well and added in new features to make the bag as good as can be. Here are some of the details on the bag.

New Look - Better Function

The overall shape of the bag has changed. We have changed how the shoulder straps attach to the bag, removing the flaps.

It doesn't change how the bag feels when wearing it as a cross body body but it does improve the look and performance of the bag when wearing around the waist.

The shoulder strap is wider and softer which is more comfortable to wear. The pad on the shoulder strap is improved and offers more padding. It will still slide around and need to be manually adjusted as you walk.

Front View of On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag

Carry Water, Ball & Poop Bags

The collapsible, foldable water bottle pocket has stronger magnets. Now the flaps do not flap when you're walking, they stay attached to the bag. Also, the pocket stays closed when you are not carrying water for a nice compact look.

The front flap magnet is stronger and holds the flap firmly closed keeping your contents secure.

The mesh side pocket has been made shorter as the poop bag dispenser is now located on the side of the bag.

On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag with Water, Bottle and Poop Bag

Easy Access to Poop Bag Dispenser

The poop bag dispenser is now on the side of the bag so can easily be accessed whether you wear as a cross body bag or a fanny pack. Place a roll of poop bags into the pocket inside the central compartment and you're good to go.

The mesh pocket is now shorter. It easily holds a tennis ball, sunglasses, bug spray or a small bottle of water. As always the strap can be used to hook a ball launcher, your keys or anything else you like to clip on.

Mesh Pocket & Poop Bag Dispenser of On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag

Waist Strap Sleeve Reinforced

The sleeve for the waist strap has been reinforced to better support the weight of the bag.

The fabric of the waist strap itself is improved making it much more comfortable to wear. As always, you can wear your own belt in place of the waist strap if you prefer.

The pocket that used to be the poop bag dispenser is now just a pocket. Store wipes, tissues, your phone or anything else you need to stash.

Waist Strap of On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag

Open or Closed? Your Choice

The water bottle pocket can be folded closed if you are not carrying water. With stronger magnets, this pocket will stay closed if you want it to.

If you are carrying water, the flaps now magnetize to the pocket so they are not flapping around, getting in your way. This pocket is designed to hold a good sized water bottle with at least a 10 cm or 4 inch diameter.

This pocket can be used for anything, not just water. Some people store their bag of poop here until they get to the next garbage can.

Water Bottle Pocket for On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag

Securely Carry Your Phone, Treats & Keys

The slip pocket for the phone is larger so will hold larger phones. The actual phone that fits will depend partially on the size of the case around the phone. If the phone does not fit in the slip pocket, it will fit in the front pocket.

The front pocket now has a two-ended zip so your contents are kept more securely than ever. Carry your keys, treats, phone or whatever you need quick access to.

The front flap folds over with a strong magnet for extra security.

Front Pockets of On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bags

All Weather Bag

The new bag is made with better than ever waterproof nylon. This bag will withstand the heaviest rainstorm and keep your gear dry.

It is fully lined with light coloured nylon fabric making is easier to find what you're looking for.

There is one more zippered pocket inside of the main compartment where you can store your driver's license, band-aids or even a passport if travelling.

This bag is lighter in weight than previous versions. It is very comfortable to wear: the shape and fabric allow the bag to fit comfortably against your body.

On the Fly Jasper Swag Dog Walking Bag

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